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Durafly Bravado 1000mm (Kit) Show your Bravado! Now available in kit form the Bravado is exceptionally well finished and designed from the ground up with ‘LiteCore’ EPO construction technology, the Bravado is sure to please. Durafly’s new ‘LiteCore’ construction is light weight yet high strength in a design that lends itself perfectly to the punishing demands of [...]


Durafly HyperBipe Aerobatic Biplane (PNF) Believe the hype, the Durafly HyperBipe is here! Everybody loves a biplane and with its vivid paint scheme, powerful brushless power system and lightweight but durable EPO construction this model is a fantastic sports model that is an extremely capable pattern flyer. With its colourful scheme, smooth outline and blade-like [...]

Durafly Tundra

Durafly Tundra Introducing the Durafly Tundra, No Limits flying! From the beginner pilot to the experienced flier this plane will do it all. The Tundra is an extremely versatile plane that is easy to fly and would make an ideal club trainer whilst still being highly entertaining for the experienced pilot with aerobatics and excellent [...]

Durafly Spitfire Mk5 (ETO Scheme)

Durafly Spitfire Mk5 1100mm (PnF) ETO Scheme The Supermarine Spitfire is THE defining aircraft of World War 2, and following on from the Mk1a the Mk5 represents the pinnacle of early Spitfire development. After the defensive campaign of the Battle of Britain, the RAF, RCAF and the USAAF moved steadily onto the offensive and the [...]