About Us

We are a hardworking bunch of R/C nuts!

This quote best personifies and illustrates the fervor with which we attack every project that we produce. We at Durafly feel that we were born out of necessity formed from a gap in the market for high quality, ultra durable, fun to fly models.

We are a small team of enthusiasts that believe in restoring power to the people through bringing to market choice. For too long R/C consumers have been forced to swallow what the big boys have produced and now that Durafly has arrived, we feel as tho we can work for the people by giving them what they want.

It’s not uncommon to see Durafly planes on the flight line of local parks, flying clubs and events. This community acceptance only fuels our fire to work harder and faster to create the most interesting, fun flying machines in the world.

The Durafly Team

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