Durafly Tundra Time!

Durafly Tundra Time

It’s almost Tundra time!

Durafly Tundra – It's almost time!

It's almost Tundra time!

Posted by Durafly on Monday, 25 January 2016

Durafly Spitfire MK1a – Auction Winner

Durafly Spitfire MK1a - Auction Winner

Durafly would like to say BIG thank you to Mark Turner who very generously bid £1000 in our Spitfire silent auction to be the first to receive the Mk1a Spitfire from Durafly fresh from the production line when ready. Your donation to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust is amazing news and gratefully received.

And to all of those who also sent in bids thanks go to you too. With details on that and a little more on the model itself, see the daily video.

Durafly Mk1a Spitfire

Durafly Mk1a Spitfire

In honor of ‘The Few’, today on Battle of Britain day, Durafly is proud to announce our next soon to be released warbird, the Spitfire Mk1a. Watch the video for a chance to win one of the first models and at the same time donate to a very worthy cause, the Battle of Britain Memorial trust.