Curtiss P-40N Manual

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The Curtiss P-40 was one of the most widely used fighters of WW2, seeing more combat in more theaters globally than any other fighter from either side of the conflict. The later ‘N’ model was considered by pilots to be the finest version of this versatile aircraft, and seeing as Durafly makes the best EPO warbirds out there, what could be better than a P-40N from Durafly.

The Durafly P-40N captures beautifully not only the classic lines of this much loved (though often over shadowed) fighter, but with the multiple national markings provided in the box, it pays homage to the many airman of the many nations under which it served valiantly in WW2. This P-40N sets a new standard for Durafly both in terms of finish close up on the ground and truly warbird like performance in the air. Boasting a whole host of unique features that include: 100 degree metal trunnion twist and turn retracts for rock solid ground handling, super smooth paint and surface finish with fine scale panel lines, and for the first time with a Durafly 1100mm warbird, a power train suitable for both 3 and 4S set-up’s with no modifications required.

Durafly is proud to bring you this P-40N and we’re confident you’ll share that pride both when on the ground, and in the air.

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