EFX Racer Manual

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Thank you for purchasing EFX Racer from Durafly. The EFX Racers have been designed from the ground up to offer the speed (100mph) and strength normally reserved for high end full composite models together with the agility and stability you’d expect from any good sports model. In addition to this you of course get the convenience, quality and uniqueness only an EPO model from Durafly can offer. Your new EFX Racer gives you all this and more!

With a minimal part count and assembly time, the EFX Racer in kit form simply clips and screws together less than an evenings work. In the air the EFX Racer will reach 100mph (4S) and feel exceptionally stable and controlled whilst doing so. Yet unlike most speed machines, it also has exceptional slow speed handling and performance. With its 4 channel control the EFX Racers are also very aerobatic. BIG loops, fast rolls, incredibly locked in knife edges, snaps and spins, the EFX racers can do them all and more. Its only limit, is you!

With the EFX Racer you get a model that flies with precision and authority straight out of the box and one that will excite and awe pilot and spectator alike!

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