Spitfire Mk1a Manual

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Durafly 1100mm Supermarine

The Supermarine Spitfire is THE defining aircraft of WW2, and the Mk1a is without doubt the most poignant of all marques. During the darkest days of the war, the Mk1a Spitfire, more than any other aircraft then or since, along with the pilots that flew it, came to symbolize the struggle and triumph of a nation over adversity. This struggle was the Battle of Britain, those pilots ‘the few’ and the triumph was the Spitfire!

Durafly’s Mk1a Spitfire is in itself a poignant and beautifully presented tribute to the ‘few’and this legendary aircraft. The attention to detail in this PnF model is matched only by its superb performance and grace in the air. The Mk1a is designed for 3 and 4S set-ups and boasts a range of features typical of the Durafly standards including faithfully reproduced split flaps, scale outline and fine surface detail and finish along with multiple decal options and LED system.

Very simply, you will not find a better rendition of a Spitfire at this scale from anyone other than Durafly.

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