Durafly Rare Bear Micro 400mm (PNF)

Rare Bear

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A super stable sports flyer in a micro package! The Durafly Rare Bear Micro 400mm comes 90% assembled right out of the box and can be ready to fly in just minutes.

The lightweight construction of this model, coupled with a proven airframe design gives this model a locked in feel while performing aerobatics, long smooth knife edge flight is a breeze. Many models of this size are often limited by linear servos or cheap components, but not the Bear! featuring pre-installed, fully proportional HK-5320 Digital servos, a Turnigy ESC and an AP05-3000kv brushless motor The build quality is just fantastic. Fully hinged ailerons are another example of why the bear stands out from the crowd. This is a fast model to put together, the motor and ESC are pre-installed, leaving you to glue on the wing and cowl then go and fly!

Performance is of course what this model is all about and this Bear is no slouch! Power is delivered courtesy of the powerful Turnigy Brushless motor running on 2s, for reliability a Turnigy ESC is pre-fitted and the servo/ESC connectors are all compatible with the 4 Channel Orange Micro RX (R415). This model might be cheap to put in the air, but make no mistake, this is one seriously capable aerobatic model, just make sure you take a handful of Lipoly batteries with you when you go and fly, racing the Durafly Rare Bear Micro around your local park is addictive!

Product Video:

Wingspan: 400mm
Length: 410mm
Flying Weight: 80g
Servo: HK-5320 Digital 1.7g x 4
Motor: AP05 3000kv Brushless Outrunner

Instruction Book

2 thoughts on “Rare Bear Micro 400mm

  1. It sure is :) Careful not to confuse it with the FunFighter Rarebear cause they have the same color scheme.

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